Balance-boards "Ravnovesie"

The balance-board is a versatile training tool for those who live actively. Especially if you are a rider or plan to become ) Snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, skating, skateboarding, kite surfing, and any sport that requires possession of the body balance on the skill level - even in areas such as yoga and acrobatics, is the best thing you can choose for training of the vestibular apparatus. Even if these interests are not included in the list of your preferences, the balance-board can be used as an element of fitness training, because of the unstable surface is perfect for development of stabilizing muscles, which is not so easy to "pump" in the gym. If not the conquest of the snowy peaks and high waves, straight posture, strong legs and thighs for sure when you use this versatile stuff! Children will especially appreciate this game: the balance-board is also fun! ))
I am pleased to present for you a collection balance-board "Ravnovesie". Each instance has a unique design, hand-made airbrush. Such a subtle approach may allow to execute design of any complexity according to your individual order - from the simple to the detailed pattern of the landscape. Imagine what a tremendous gift could be a balance-board, if it will be depicted favorite cartoon character of your child! It is also possible to purchase a board without any figures, which will significantly reduce the time of manufacture. In this album are all made to order. The presence of already ready to sell the balance-boards you can find in the "Store"section.
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